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Episode One: "The Latest in Veteran's Benefits"

Veterans Benefits and How to Apply

Disability Compensation, Educational Opportunities and more.

Air Date: Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 4:00pmEDT- archived.

Blog Talk Radio:

Host: Celeste Reichert-Friedman



Episode Two: "Honoring Ohio Veterans in Licking County"

with special guests Ken Blaney and Gary Wimer.


Monday, September 15, 2014 at 4:00pm EDT on Blog Talk Radio
Join us for my interview with Ken Blaney and Gary Wimer of The Licking County Veteran's Museum and Educational Center, located at 39 North First Street, Newark, Ohio.
Ken and Gary take us on a virtual tour of the museum and share history of Licking County veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
For more information about the museum, please contact:
Ken Blaney at 740.258.2760 or email: [email protected]
Gary Wimer at 740/.670.2206 or email: [email protected]
To participate in the development of The Licking County Veteran's Museum and Educational Center or make a donation, please contact:
Treasurer, Licking County Veteran's Museum
155 Neal Avenue
Newark, Ohio 43055

Ken Blaney of Newark, Ohio has been on a mission for over two decades. He has believed that residents of Licking County should have a place where their local veterans could be honored. Over the years, he has worked diligently to secure a location and encourage local residents and veteran's families to donate artifacts and memorabelia for the museum.

Ken has been inspired by several men in his family. Both grandfathers served in WWII and his father in the Korean War, but it was a visit to his wife's uncle’s grave in Luxembourg that really motivated him. After the visit, Ken said “any man who has given his life, should not be forgotten.”


Blaney, along with US Air Force veteran Gary Wimer and their team of supporters, opened the doors to The Licking County Vet's  House on Veterans Day, 2012 . Festivities were scheduled to begin outside under a large canopy, but the rain and chilly weather brought everyone inside.  I was personally honored to sing, joining our mayor and local dignitaries. We celebrated a patriotic grand opening with dignity and grace. 


The museum will boast a granite wall outside with 880 engraved names of the Licking County men and women who have given their lives in the line of duty. The museum is a great gift to those who have served and for their families to always remember.