Freedom Warriors

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   Welcome to the home of Freedom Warriors, a site dedicated to our American soldiers in action; our fallen heroes; and our veterans.


Remember this historic logo where Uncle Sam needs you to serve our country? 

Since the Civil War, this infamous icon has reached out to all Americans to sign up

for service or participate in some way in order to achieve one goal- 

                                                                             maintaining our precious freedom.


If each and every one of us stepped up to the plate providing an individual

'call to duty', just imagine how we could make a difference in the lives of every American, as well as our own. Fifty percent of our Afghanistan war veterans are returning home with some form of disability or physical paralysis.




         What can we do to improve their quality of life? 


Our Mission:

   To create special events for our veterans, with emphasis on our disabled vets that support, educate and inspire with the goal of improving quality of life, encouraging health, hope and happiness.


Our Philosophy- The Circle of Freedom:

   Freedom is like a circle with zero limitations. Imagine for a moment the first part of the circle as our U. S. military who serve to keep Americans free. The second part of the circle is made up of all United States citizens awarded this freedom. The third and closing part of the circle represents all Americans called to duty, supporting and giving back to those veterans who have risked their lives for our country. Thus, the circle goes around again and we all benefit together.


Together, we can show them how much we care and give thanks for every single day that we are living in freedom in the USA. Contact us for more details at [email protected]


There are now over 3 million disabled American veterans. As you will learn in the video below, severe disabilities should never stand in the way of living a meaningful life. Get a first-hand look at the challenges faced by our wounded veterans when they return to civilian life. Here are three stories shared on about Jim, a Vietnam vet; Josh and Alan, both injured in Iraq.


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